What Are Goji Berries?

Lycium Barbarum - goji berries The Goji Berry is a small red berry produced by the Lycium Barbarum plant, which is native to certain remote regions of China, Tibet, and Mongolia.

Goji Berries have played a central role in Chinese medicine for thousands of years, but it was not until just recently that scientists in te rest of the world discovered what was in the Goji Berry that made it so powerful.

What makes the Goji Berry so powerful???

Under careful scrutiny, scientists have found the Goji Berry to be one of the most nutritionally dense fruits on earth. Here are the main nutrients found in the Goji Berry that makes it such a potent wellness agent.

The Goji Berry's "Master Molecule" Polysaccharides
Goji Berries contain special polysaccharides which fortify your immune system and are responsible for controlling your body's most important defense systems. Scientists atrribute most of goji's amazing health properties to these special polysaccharides.

19 Different Amino Acids
Goji Berries contain 19 amino acids--the building blocks of protein--including all eight essential for life - no other plant can make that claim!

More Vitamin C Than Oranges
That's right! Goji berries are a better source of Vitamin C than oranges!

Wide Variety Of Antioxidants
Goji Berries contain complete spectrum of antioxidant carotenoids, including beta-carotene and zeaxanthin (supports the eyes). Goji berries are the best source of carotenoids of known foods.

Goji berries also include:
B-complex Vitamins
Vitamin E
Essential fatty acids

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